QWIT Fantasy Football

League Constitution

Entry Fee and Prizes


The entry fee for 2013 is $120, so 10 teams will generate a $1200 pool. The cost for CBSSports.com is $179.99. This leaves $1020 for the prize pool. We should determine the payout structure this week.


The entry fee for 2011 is $60, so 10 teams will generate a $600 pool. The cost for CBSSports.com is $160. This leaves $440 for prize money.We will give 70% of the pool (rounded to $310) to the League Champion as determined by our playoff system. 20% of the pool (rounded to $85) will be given to the League Runner-up (Championship loser), as determined by our playoffs.

The remaining 10% of our prize money (rounded to $45) will be awarded to the team that finishes the 16 NFL weeks with the most total points scored by their starting players. Teams that do not qualify for the playoffs, or that have been eliminated from the playoffs, will still be able to field a starting lineup in weeks 14, 15, and 16 and accrue points towards winning this prize money.

Division and Schedule

This league has 10 teams divided into 2 divisions of 5 each. The divisions are Earthquake and Hurricane and teams were randomly assigned prior to the 2010 season. The expansion team (replacing B.G. in 2011) will be placed into the division with 4 teams. Each team will play 13 regular season games with CBSSports.com setting our schedule. The playoffs will start in NFL Week 14 and last 3 weeks.


The playoffs will include 6 teams: the two division winners (Earthquake and Hurricane are the division names), plus four wild card teams. The four wild card teams will be the four teams with the best regular season records that did not win their division.

The two division winners will receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs and be seeded as #1 and #2, with the division winner with the better record awarded the #1 seed. The remaining 4 teams will be seeded 3, 4, 5, and 6 according to regular season record.

In Round 1, 3 will play 6, and 4 will play 5. In Round 2 of the playoffs (NFL Week 15), the #1 seed will play the lowest remaining seed and the #2 seed will play the highest remaining seed.

The two teams that win in Round 2 will play each other in the championship in NFL Week 16. The two teams that lose in Round 2 will play each other in a consolation game for 3rd place in NFL Week 16.


All tiebreakers for the purpose of playoff eligibility and seeding in the playoffs will, if not specified below, be determined in accordance with the NFL's tiebreaker rules.

Tiebreakers (Updated on 11/26/13)

  1. Winning Percentage
  2. Total Points
  3. Head-to-Head
  4. Division Record (if the tied teams are in the same division; if not, go to Tiebreaker 5)
  5. Total touchdowns scored by starters in Week 13
  6. Points scored by starters in Week 12, then Week 11 (if tied in Week 12), then Week 10 (if tied in Week 11), etc.

Keepers, Draft, and Transactions


There will be no keepers from the 2011 season. All teams will start with an empty roster prior to the 16-round draft on September 4, 2012.

The draft order will be generated randomly by CBSSports.com prior to the draft, and the rounds will proceed in a snake method (1st pick in odd rounds receives 10th pick in even rounds and vice versa).

Teams are allowed to do free adds, drops, and trades of players, but the league will use a blind auction/waiver system from the start of games on Sunday until 4am on Wednesday morning. The league will allow unlimited, instant pickups (no waivers or waiting period) of free agents from 4:01am Wednesday until Sunday.